Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tree seedling sales for the this season

We expect high demand for the limited quantities of our loblolly pine seedlings this year. If you're interested in purchasing our specialty seedlings you should visit www.buyvirginiatrees.com and setup an account prior to the opening date for the online store, October 14 at 10 a.m.

We have limited nursery staff, so we don't recommend you call the nursery to place these orders. Tax-exempt customers should call the nursery prior to October 14 and setup their account with their tax-exempt credentials. Sales tax cannot be refunded. Customers can call the Garland Gray Forestry Center at 804.834.2855. To reach the Augusta Forestry Center, call 540.363.7000 or 540.363.5732.

All of VDOF’s loblolly pine seedlings provide growth gains over unimproved seedlings. The top three loblolly pine varieties are best suited for landowners who utilize silvicultural treatments, such as site preparation and woody vegetation control, on their pine stands as part of their sawtimber rotation. The actual growth gains of each loblolly family depend on the planting site, soil type and these expected treatments.

All seedling varieties will be available for sale through the online store when it opens October 14.

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